Color Concentrates


In addition to supplying all of your carbon black masterbatch needs, MDI has full capability to serve color concentrate and color compound markets. Leverage our economies of scale and formulation expertise to get the best pricing and performance for your products. We support New Product Development (NPD) methodology to help you bring new ideas to market.​


Capabilities include:

  • Experienced Colorists and Formula Experts to help translate your needs into commercial products
  • Software assisted color matching using Konica Minolta’s Colibri Color Management System
  • Laboratory customer simulation equipment including injection molding, high intensity mixing, compression molding, and blown and cast film extrusion
  • Pre-defined Colorant Palettes designed to quickly identify stable formulations for your process in polymers such as polyolefins, polyamides, polystyrenes, and many more
  • On-site accelerated and outdoor weathering to ensure product lifecycles are met or exceeded
  • Support for regulatory compliance in Food Contact Materials, CONEG, RoHS, REACH, and toy manufacture

Modern Dispersions' color concentrate and color compound products are designed to meet your expectations in market appeal and end-use requirements. Our capabilities include improved batch to batch consistency, film grade organic and inorganic pigment dispersions, and expertise in developing products to meet or exceed your requirements. Our expert color and formulation scientists can deliver stable products with excellent consistency for markets such as Automotive, Construction, Packaging, Film, Molded Parts, and Engineering Performance Plastics. Our design methodology uses pre-defined, data-driven, colorant palettes to quickly identify a set of suitable colorants that are suitable for your application based on your end-use requirements and polymer system.​

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